IRS Audit Representation (Los Angeles Audit Representation/Los Angeles Tax Attorney Services):

Dealing with the IRS or the State audit letters can feel like an unmanageable ordeal.  The letters are hard to understand and nerve racking.  Audits are high maintenance and high demanding tasks because the IRS requires that you gather all records and paperwork associated with your tax returns in order to substantiate what you have signed off to on your tax return.  Dealing with the IRS under audit circumstance subjects you to a high level of scrutiny that can feel like a violation of one’s privacy.

Our company has trained tax attorneys that can help you during your tax audit.  Our tax resolution firm can help you as your IRS representative in order to help you get through the entire tax audit.  We will step into your shoes as a power of attorney before the audit exam starts.  Our tax attorneys can anticipate what will occur during the IRS or State taxing authority audit exam.  We will speak to the IRS agents prior to the audit in order to develop a successful comprehensive strategy.  Preparation leads to successful audits.

Bismark Tax, Inc. must always remind clients that the IRS and State taxing authorities are not your friends.  They work for the government and their primary purpose is to represent the government’s interest and not yours.  Auditors are trained to look for any “chink in the armor” …essentially they are trained to find any vulnerabilities in your documents or records, so that they can maximize the amount of revenue they get for the government.  Remember that an IRS audit or State audit is an expensive procedure from the government’s place, so they are not going to send their agents for an audit, unless they are trying to find some revenue for their respective agency.

The best thing about hiring our company for audit representation is that you do not have to show up to the audit.  Clients, primarily, wish to not show up and that is ok.  Sometimes we will need your assistance at the audit exam, but for the most part our attorneys will handle the audits on their own.  Bismark Tax, Inc. will handle all parts of the audit, so that you can go back to work and most importantly be able to sleep comfortably at night.  Please give us a call for a Free Consultation  (855) 829-6055