Are you looking for a San Francisco Tax Attorney?

Look no further, here at Bismark Tax, Inc. we have licensed tax attorneys in San Francisco ready to help you with your case.  Dealing with the IRS or state taxing agency on your own can be scary and feel like an never ending wormhole of bureaucracy.  That is when its the best time to call a San Francisco Tax Attorney to help you with your tax issues.

Do I really need a tax attorney?

If you have received threatening letters from local tax agencies or from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you need a San Francisco Tax Attorney on your side.  We can’t tell you how many times we have clients that tried to handle the cases on their own or have gone to non-attorneys, just to have their case made worst.  Unfortunately, they have either gotten bad service or plainly ripped off.  That is why the tax attorneys at Bismark Tax analyze every case before Bismark Tax ever agrees to take on a case.  The IRS is a very scary agency and they can come after your assets or garnish you wages.  Bismark Tax can you help with a number of different options:

– Stop wage garnishments

– Stop bank levys

– Tax Liens

– Offer in compromise

– Payment Plans

– Currently Non Collectible

– and many more different options.

Our tax programs can help you to get out of debt and avoid jail time while reducing the stress and worry that stems from financial debt. Imagine being able to finally plan that family vacation with the money you have worked so hard to save instead of forking every penny you earn over to the IRS. The experienced Tax Lawyer San Francisco residents have worked with in the past can help you turn that dream into a reality.

If you are searching for the best tax attorney San Francisco has seen, look no further than Bismark Tax in the San Francisco area. With our knowledge, skills, expertise and devotion to customer satisfaction, you will be on the road to tax relief in no time.

Our San Francisco office is located at:

25 Taylor St

San Francisco, CA 94102

We offer free consultations and are ready to help you.  Please give us a call 855-829-6055 and we will do our best to help you get out of your tax nightmare and back to living worry-free.