Looking for a Tax Attorney that wants to help you resolve your tax problems?

Why call one of these other companies that say you can speak with a “tax consultant” or a “tax professional” when you can speak with an actual attorney? There are many companies that offer tax resolution services and tax help, but how many really offer you 1-on-1 time with an actual attorney? Here at Bismark Tax, Inc. you are always welcomed to speak with a lawyer about your case. Please call one of our attorneys so that we can help you fight the IRS and end your tax issues. We offer you permanent solutions, not temporary help!

Bismark Tax, Inc. is a tax resolution company that will handle your problems with the IRS and begin communications with the IRS. Imagine it? No more harassing calls or threats by the IRS! As soon as you hire Bismark Tax, Inc. we will begin a full analysis of your tax problem and take immediate action. Our attorneys will contact the IRS and defend you against the IRS. We will fight for your rights! Call us today to discuss your case with a no obligation Consultation. There is no need to go through this process alone, we are here to help! Please give us a call at 855-829-6055 to discuss your case with a real tax attorney.

Hiring a tax lawyer or tax firm? Here are some things you want to know and questions you should ask:

  • Do I have attorney client privilege with the information I provide you? Will my information be treated confidentially?
  • Who will be representing me?  What is their name? Is he/she a lawyer? What are their credentials?  May I please speak with them?
  • Do the lawyers or company carry professional liability insurance? Who is your carrier?
  • Has your company been reviewed? If so, where can I see reviews of your company?

Why hire a licensed tax attorney over the rest?

Many times people call our offices and ask us, why should we hire a tax lawyer over a tax preparer, EA etc.?  The answer always lies in several factors that one must consider:

  • Education – When you hire a tax lawyer you are hiring an advocate.  Someone that has studied and earned a J.D. and passed the California bar.  In law school and in training, lawyers are taught the adversarial system and therefore, in our opinion are the best advocates for clients.  Typically a J.D. takes around 7 years to earn (4 years bachelor/undergraduate and 3 years for law school).  Here at Bismark Tax, Inc. some of our attorneys also have LL.M. degrees which are advanced Masters of Law Degrees adding an additional year of legal education to their resumes.
  • Liability – All lawyers that represent clients are required to notify clients if they DO NOT HAVE liability insurance, but my experience with these other “tax resolution” or “tax controversy” offices is that they do not notify clients regarding malpractice liability insurance. (California Rules of Professional Conduct 3-410).  If you have a problem and want your money back for some reason you are left to the court system or Better Business Bureau arbitration, which in essence can mean NOTHING.  The attorneys at Bismark Tax, inc. have a lot at stake when they take new clients.  We are licensed by the California State Bar and as such are governed by their rules.  If you have a problem with our company you have many avenues of recourse from the State Bar, to the Better Business Bureau, to our insurance carrier. We take this job serious and act accordingly.
  • Representation – As lawyers we are not allowed to guarantee or promise results, but what we do guarantee is that a lawyer will represent you before the IRS or State Agency.  There is no bait and switch here, you expect a lawyer, you will get a lawyer.  All of our clients will meet their lawyer within 24 hours and know who will be representing them.  Unfortunately, other companies will tout about “tax attorney” then stick you with an Enrolled Agent (EA) or another professional other than the tax lawyer service you were paying for.
  • Attorney-Client Privilege – Confidentiality is a huge part of why people choose a lawyer over a non-lawyer.  If you hire an EA, CPA or non-lawyer as a representative, all of your information is subject to disclosure if the government chooses to subpoena your representative.  What does that mean? Let us say there are events that have occurred that has caused you to seek a representative.  Whether if its for an audit or any other tax issue.  If you are not working with a lawyer and if the government so chooses they can subpoena your representative to disclose confidential information with no protection to you.  The government CANNOT compel an attorney to testify against his client.

Bismark Tax, Inc. looks forward to hearing from you. We offer real tax attorneys for permanent tax solutions.  Give us a call today (855) 829-6055