When Do You Need A Tax Attorney

Tax attorneys are highly trained, well qualified legal professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the IRS tax code. Despite these qualifications, some taxpayers might be hesitant to hire a tax attorney. Individuals may feel that they can handle their IRS problems alone or they may not be aware of how serious their tax predicament can be. However, there are several situations when a taxpayer can benefit from enlisting the help of a qualified Hollywood tax attorney.

• If You Need Help Understanding Your Tax Liability

Tax lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about U.S. income tax laws. Because of this background, they can find the specific statute that applies to your situation and then explain it in a way that helps you understand your particular obligation to the IRS. This is an important service, because some taxpayers may believe that they are required to comply with tax laws that do not truly apply to them.

• If You are Being Audited

Tax lawyers can provide essential legal and financial advice during the audit process, particularly if you decide to defend your case in the Tax Court. A tax attorney can review your case and help you determine if you have a chance of winning. He or she can also help you put together a convincing case and find the evidence to support your claims. Even better, the tax attorney will represent you in Tax Court, which prevents you from having to present your case on your own.

• If You are Facing Business Tax Issues

Tax lawyers are essential advisers for taxpayers who operate small businesses, partnerships, corporations, and non-profit organizations, since the applicable tax laws for these entities can be far more complex than those that apply to individuals. A qualified income tax attorney Los Angeles entrepreneurs can depend on will be able to interpret the applicable regulations and explain how to comply with them. Tax attorneys can also provide financial advice that will help with structuring the organization, preventing unnecessary taxation, and filing annual forms to the IRS.

There are lots of situations that call for hiring a tax attorney, but these three are among the most common. If you are facing these or any tax situations for which you feel unprepared, enlisting the services of a tax lawyer may prove to be helpful.