Welcome to Bismark Tax, a Tax Resolution Firm, that works with taxpayers IN ALL 50 STATES that have IRS or State tax issues.  Bismark Tax, Inc. is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.  We are Los Angeles tax attorneys that work with taxpayers in all 50 states.

Bismark Tax, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, Ca.  The company was created because our tax attorneys wanted a company that offered one-on-one time with your tax attorney.  Other tax resolution firms in and out of Los Angeles, CA will sell you tax resolution services by tax attorneys, but limit your time with your tax attorney.  Our main priority here is customer service and we want to make sure that you are happy with our services.  We will always warn taxpayers that are looking for tax resolution companies that they should beware of companies that sell tax attorney services, but then do not allow you to speak with your tax attorneys.  These companies usually have you speak with an intermediary (typically called a case manager) and therefore prevent you from speaking with your tax attorney.  That is what makes Bismark Tax, Inc. the difference, we want you to get to know us and invite you to speak with your tax attorney or come into our office.

Our tax attorneys have experience working with taxpayers with tax issues and have handled hundreds of cases personally.  The tax attorney’s experience will help solve our client’s tax issues as efficiently as possible.

The company focuses on 3 principles for company/client success.

1) Expectations – The company tells you from the onset what the fees are and what you can expect as far as your case.  This means no additional fees, no hidden costs and realistic expectations.

2) Communication – The company prides itself on communicating with the client.  You can read through nightmare cases where a person hires a tax resolution firm and has a hard time getting a hold of the company they have paid so much money too.  We are the difference and always answer your calls, call you back and welcome you into our office.

3) Good old fashion hard work – The company believes that if the company sells services to you, then the company should work as hard as you have for the money you’ve earned to pay us.  We work hard, we work long hours and we do what we say we will do for you.  We believe going beyond expectations is what allows us to succeed and will be the key to our growth in the tax resolution market.

Bismark Tax’s principles to success are what sets us apart from the competition.  Whether you’re a client in Los Angeles looking for tax attorney or a client in New York looking for a tax attorney, we consider ourselves American Tax Attorneys ready to help all taxpayers get through their IRS nightmare.  We are here to help please give us a call so that you don’t have to go through your tax issues alone.